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Our Mission

Our mission is to put on the best UK inspired events in San Francisco ranging from Dubstep and Grime to Garage and Drum & Bass, as well as to curate releases that both highlight known acts, and showcase new talent. 


Bay Sine Recordings, originally known as Bunkr Music, started as a project of music blog A year after it's founding, Bunkr separated from Playhous and the name has since been changed to Bay Sine Recordings. Bay Sine was officially launched December 7, 2016 with a party played by the one and only DJ N-Type. Since then we have worked tirelessly to secure the best talent and hidden gems for our upcoming events and releases.

Bay Sine is a collaboration between Marshall Westall (mrshl), Mitchell McGuire (Motch), Michael Coe (Seize), Cameron Rose (Soulis) based in the SF Bay Area.

Our first vinyl release is anticipated in stock by fall of 2018. Official announcement coming soon.